New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Commemorates National Stress Awareness Month

April 16, 2019

Happy National Stress Awareness Month! 

Does stress ever feel overwhelming?  Are you challenged with feelings of anxiety as a result of work, family, or other commitments?

April is commemorated as a month to identify our personal stressors and take steps toward effective stress management.  Whether we feel anxious as a result of happy changes (like planning a wedding) or as a result of the pressures associated with work and family commitments, today can be the day to start changing the way we handle personal stressors.

Why should we take steps to manage stress?
Unfortunately, if poorly managed, stress can impact our physical health, leading to higher blood pressure, weight gain, and other significant health challenges.  Extended periods of stress impact our cardiovascular health and present roadblocks for our behavioral health.  Over time, heightened stress also impacts our relationships with our spouses, children, coworkers, and friends.

What can I do to more effectively manage stress?
Finding the best way to cope with feelings of stress usually depends upon the person, the situation, and, frequently, the time one has available.  Which of the following stress relief efforts have you tried?
• Yoga
• Progressive Muscle Relaxation
• Going for a Walk
• Reading
• Watching Television
• Deep Breathing Techniques
• Mindfulness
• Hobbies
• Singing
• Spending time with Pets

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery hopes to remind all employees about the value of using stress management techniques by offering staff members a gift of a stress ball keychain, along with words of encouragement to deal healthfully with daily stressors.  Suggested tips to reduce stress include:
• Simplify your schedule
• Take control of your personal health
• Talk to yourself
• Focus on the now
• Meditate

It is hoped that with extra reminders and support, our staff and our larger community can learn additional skills to effectively manage feelings of stress that benefit our physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.  Happy National Stress Awareness Month!


“For over 20 years, your team has greatly contributed to the stability and growth of our family member."

- Barbara A. (family member)