Gregory Purcell Completes Certificate in Supported Employment

March 30, 2017

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery wishes to congratulate Gregory Purcell, BA, for finishing coursework and obtaining his certificate in Supported Employment from the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators (ACRE).  The course promotes the use of best practices in the training and support of those utilizing employment services.  Gregory will be utilizing the skills he learned in order to assist residents with obtaining and maintaining employment opportunities.

After completing the course of study, Gregory reported several key concepts that should be utilized when providing employment support:

  • Using a STRONG DISCOVERY PROCESS that finds the strengths, interests and motivations of the people served
  • Finding the best JOB MATCH
  • Developing RELATIONSHIPS with potential employers
  • Keeping ADAQUATE RECORDS of job search and support efforts to provide a continuity of support.

The team at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is excited to utilize the knowledge and skills Gregory has acquired as we further develop our work program resources!

“I can sleep at night knowing my son is safe and that he is being cared for by attentive and compassionate professionals.”

- Marilyn N. (family member)