New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Names 2018's Employee Award Winners

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is proud to announce the 2018 Employees of the Year from across the organization: 

Recovery Center, Quakertown: Brianna Norton, MSW, LSW
Brianna is one of the therapists at the Quakertown Recovery Center.  In addition to providing clinical services, she has played a key role in utilizing our new Electronic Health Record across the agency.  Brianna also leads the very popular Dance Group at the Recovery Center and assists leaders with identifying trends and encouraging consistent use of clinical behavioral health services.

Quakertown House/Pathways: Sarah Kubus, BA
Sarah is a Care Coordinator at Quakertown House.  She works with the residential and clinical supports to encourage residents’ achievement of goals and with connecting with external supports to promote holistic care.  Sarah assists with insurance needs and maintains a positive and supportive connection with residents and staff.

Mount Trexler Manor: Diana Amaro
Diana is the Director of Operations for Mount Trexler Manor.  She assists with a variety of residential projects with a focus on improving the experiences of our residents.  Diana assists with ensuring a safe space for medication administration and maintains the day to day services offered through Mount Trexler. She also recently received her Personal Care Home Administrator Certificate.

Philadelphia RTFA Program: Diana Davis-Harvey, RN
Diane is the Director of Wellness for our Philadelphia RTFA South Philadelphia site.  Diane works tirelessly to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents, ensuring effective documentation and referrals for a variety of physical health concerns.  She supports the infection control and quality improvement efforts for New Vitae. 

Administrative Services, Corporate-wide: Connie Rummer
Connie works as New Vitae’s Accounts Payable/Disbursements Clerk.  Not only does she ensure the accurate flow of financial resources through the company, but she also assists residents with their own money management goals through counsel on the effective use of their money.  She is patient, kind, and ensures a positive work environment.

Two additional awards were given that are especially meaningful to our corporate culture.  The first, the Iris Award, named for the flower symbolizing behavioral health, was presented to Bill Stone.  Bill is a driver for Quakertown House, but routinely assists new residents with understanding their schedules.  Bill supports all residents with working toward personal goals through encouragement and support.  He is compassionate and regularly goes out of his way to help both residents and staff.

The Pride Award celebrates innovation and ownership of one’s work.  The 2018 Pride Award winner is Kathi Eichman, MS, New Vitae’s Vice President of Quality, Safety, and Compliance.  Kathi works with residents and staff across our agency to ensure the delivery of quality supports.  She has been instrumental in assisting our sites with the roll out of the electronic health record and ensuring our continued accreditation.  Her willingness to assist others and her continued efforts to improve the entire company makes her a perfect choice for this year’s award.

In addition to all of these employee award winners, Residents’ Choice Award winners were announced, including:
Mount Trexler Manor: Jackie Thompson
Action Recovery: Tantrell Hunt
Quakertown House: Brian Considine
Pathways: Hussein Eltohami
Philadelphia RTFA South: Sandra Whiting
Philadelphia RTFA West: Tanajah Jones

Thank you to all of our employees for your dedication, support, and expertise in helping our residents!  Because of staff’s unique abilities, we are able to do amazing things for people in recovery!

"Mt. Trexler Manor is like a home away from home; like a family, they are supportive.”

- Crystal G. (staff)