DMVA Appropriation Facilitates Recovery for Veterans

April 10, 2017

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is proud to assist Veterans who encounter behavioral health challenges, addictions, or brain injuries.  One Veteran who was admitted to services with funding through the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veteran Affairs (DMVA) continues on his road to recovery with an eye toward community reintegration and competitive job placement.

Bill is a 51-year-old veteran who reported a history of alcohol abuse along with severe depression.  Drinking ultimately resulted in his premature discharge from the military, impacting his experience of depression that stemmed from the untimely death of his brother.  Despite utilizing different treatment modalities and supports, including substance use treatment centers, halfway houses, rescue missions, shelters and rooming homes, Bill continued to experience the result of his symptoms.  He faced physical altercations with peers, negative self-worth and suicidal ideations.  He encountered limited family support and had trouble managing social contacts outside of a treatment setting.

Bill joined the community of New Vitae Wellness and Recovery’s Veterans Treatment Services Program in October 2015 following a referral from the non-profit agency Hope for Veterans.  He quickly reported feeling safe and welcomed in his new residence.  He secured supported employment at his residence and began using his earnings to contribute toward his stay.  Bill was excited to be able to work, reporting that he wanted to make a contribution to his residence.  He participated in prevocational training supports, working with staff to paint, plant flowers, clear leaves, and do other grounds work.  His appreciation for working outdoors contributed to in a decrease in his symptoms, and he began reporting feeling better about himself.   At the same time, Bill was also engaged in clinical supports, meeting routinely with his psychiatrist, his therapist (who is also a Veteran), and other customized supports, including a Veteran support group.  He is now focusing on transitioning from his current residence to a community-based apartment program that offers a greater level of independence while continuing to emphasize progress toward recovery goals.  

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is honored to continue our tradition of service to Veterans through an extension of our DMVA appropriation.  We are able to offer low-cost or no-cost residential and clinical supports for individuals who have served in the armed forces.  Are you aware of a Veteran who could benefit from our services?  Please contact William Hoke at 610-965-9021, extension 240 for additional information about our Veteran opportunities.


"New Vitae Wellness and Recovery opened their doors to our family and saved my son's life. We will be forever grateful to the staff."

- Trudy J. (family member)