Chauncey Smith, Quakertown House Cook, Retires Following 29 Years of Service

January 29, 2019

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery was honored to host a retirement celebration for Chauncey Smith, the former Quakertown House Weekend Cook on Friday, January 25th, 2019.  Chauncey worked for New Vitae for more than 29 years, preparing and sharing meals with our residents and staff.  During the celebration, several peers reminisced about their favorite recipes, including Chauncey’s pork roll and scrapple recipes!

While Chauncey is a talented cook, coworkers were also quick to share stories of his patience as well as the calm, reassuring manner he brought to the house every weekend.  Chauncey, his sister Nedra, his friend Joy, and approximately 20 colleagues celebrated by sharing lunch at McCoole’s Restaurant, enjoying a special menu to commemorate the day.  Chauncey received cards and gifts in celebration of his years of service and was thanked for his dedication, commitment, and great work over many years. He shared his plans for retirement, including more travel to catch up with family and visiting the local YMCA.

Although we will miss seeing Chauncey each weekend, we look forward to having him visit and will gladly take him up on his offer to be the Guest Cook for a day.  Congratulations, Chauncey!  Enjoy a well-deserved retirement!



“I have been living here at Quakertown House for almost 23 years and to me Quakertown House is home, that kind of sums it up.”

- Dave P. (resident)