New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Transitions to Electronic Health Records

November 5, 2018

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is happy to announce that we have transitioned our service documentation to an electronic health record (EHR) system!

As of November 1st, 2018, Recovery Center employees and many of the residential staff began using Credible, an online resource that promotes holistic care for residents and community members who participate in our residential or outpatient behavioral health services.  Following a week of training, staff members began using the service as a means to more effectively document service efforts.  Leaders have been hopeful to enact an EHR for several years in order to:

  • Improve efficiency to reach healthcare goals
  • Enhance the security of individuals' data
  • Help to streamline the billing process
  • Coordinate quality care

While the process has not been without hiccups, our staff is in agreement regarding the value of EHR and we are very excited at the opportunity to use the Credible system.  Certainly, this goal could not have been reached without the considerable effort of our roll out team, including:

  • Our Core Team who worked tirelessly to meet aggressive timeframes for targeted achievements.  The Core Team includes: Joan Muth, Kathi Eichman, Michelle Beck, David Rush, Deb Siderias, and Darlene Geiger
  • Our "Superusers" who received specialized training to help the greater good at individual sites.  The "Superuser" Team includes: Tantrell Hunt, Jen Searing, Jen Britland, William Green, David Side, Katie Pintabone, Toby Tarquin, Cheryl Considine, Sarah Kubus, Danielle Scott, Nic Vargas, Ken Anosike, Diana Davis-Harvey, Adele Lemak, and Andrew Amick

Please enjoy photos of a recent "Credible" party, held at our Recovery Center!  We look forward to being "In-Credible" for many years to come!

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in dTMS. It has truly changed my outlook on life. I feel amazing. My mood is so much better."

- Liam W. (resident)