Addiction Recovery and the Common Cold, Part 3

April 27, 2017

This is the third part of a 3-part article on addiction services. 

The Parcel Analogy

We need to treat ourselves how we would when we send an important parcel. We would make sure there is bubble wrap, extra tape, have the word “Fragile” or phrase “Handle with care” written on the package as well as perhaps even pay extra to track the parcel. What is your ‘bubble wrap’ - with whom do you surround yourself? Positive support is so necessary.

How about ‘extra tape’? Who or what keeps you ‘sealed’ - how do you keep yourself together or keep calm? Who do you talk to you? How do you deal with or cope with anxiety?

How about the phrases “fragile” or “handle with care”? How do you relax, take time out for self-care, nurture your needs, and increase your sense of spirituality?

Lastly, how do you ‘track the parcel’? How do you make sure you are staying on course with your goals in life? How are you creating accountability? Perhaps you have a mentor?

The things you do to make sure your important parcel gets to its destination is the same effort needed to ensure you are safe, healthy and productive.

Beyond orange juice, we must implement protective factors to nurture our immune system for emotional health. We need to individualize how to be kind and nurturing to ourselves. So just like the important parcel, you are important…you matter! Remember: “Treat yourself the way you would when you have a cold…in a kind way…nurture yourself.”

Sajeda Bhallo, MS, CADC, CPRP
Therapist, New Vitae The Mitchell Clinic

I have worked for New Vitae for just under 20 years and I plan on retiring from here! We are so much more than just a great place to work - we are a great community.

- Brian C. (employee)