The New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Admissions process is used to ensure a “good fit” between the services we offer and the goals of each individual.  The process begins with data collection.  One of our Admissions team members will contact you for demographics information (for example: your name, age, address, and preferred method of contact).  We will also ask for additional information to better understand your needs and determine the supports necessary to assist you in your recovery, such as:

  • What are the reason(s) for you seeking admission at this time?
  • What types of symptoms are you currently experiencing?
  • What types of treatment have you received in the past?  What has worked?  What has been less helpful?
  • What medications, if any, are you using?

After collecting initial data regarding your preferences and goals, we ask that you visit New Vitae in order to meet our staff, discuss treatment options, and learn more about our services.  We will also invite you to tour our residential service options (if applicable) and the New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center.  We will be sure to answer any additional questions you may have regarding our services, and start to assist with suggesting supports that can aid in achieving your personal goals.  We can also work with you in order to identify a potential start date for services.

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is proud to be able to offer an open length of stay that is determined by the needs of the individuals we serve. Through our integrated model of care, we are able to provide our local community with traditional outpatient services and also residential behavioral health services for those who are seeking additional support.  Staff will provide assistance with helping you to determine funding options.  

Our staff members are able to assist individuals with a variety of behavioral health diagnoses, including mood disorders, Schizophrenia, and other challenging symptoms.  We are happy to help with either long-term or short-term care service choices and accept a variety of referrals from various agencies.  We look forward to assisting you with decisions regarding your behavioral health care options.


"I love New Vitae. My team has been really supportive as I learned to manage my life and be successful in college and employment. I'm getting ready to move on from the program into my own apartment, and feel that New Vitae has helped me be ready for this next step."

- Michelle P. (former resident)