When searching for choices in behavioral health care, finding an environment which ensures  both consistent supports and also offers comfort can be a confusing process.  New Vitae Wellness and Recovery has been praised as a trusted leader in behavioral health care since 1983.  New Vitae Wellness and Recovery works with each member to build confidence and trusting relationships.  Our integrated approach of residential, behavioral, and mental health treatment provides a haven that promotes personal growth and success.  New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers a progressive residential service that permits individuals to gradually move into more independent housing.  
Our services form the basis for our compassionate community that emphasizes resiliency and holistic wellness.  We advocate person-centered care, using a range of service options to personalize your treatment experiences based on preferences.  Our recovery teams assist you with progressing toward personal goals through the use of evidence-based practices and ensuring ethical care.  Our residences, offices, and groups offer the assistance of a supportive team in safe and comforting surroundings.  
New Vitae Wellness and Recovery utilizes the Recovery Model – a framework for care that emphasizes the value of hope and the importance of self-directed services.  The Recovery Model focuses on identification and use of personal strengths to tailor services and promote goal achievement.  Our services recognize the significance of participating in a community setting and utilize important relationships as supports in order to achieve personal wellness.
New Vitae Wellness and Recovery offers more than traditional residential treatment services or a combination of housing and mental health services.  We offer solutions-focused services that promote hope and wellness. We invite you to learn more about our supports!
How We Are Different:  New Vitae Wellness and Recovery services are designed for individuals, families, Veterans, and Young Adults, using the lens of the Recovery Model.  We have designed our services to offer more than housing and behavioral health services.  Our integrated clinical and residential supports use an open length of stay.  Our services are culturally-informed, evidence based, and personalized to include the involvement of family, allies and friends. We emphasize holistic care, and are able to provide on-site medical care and wellness activities.
Mission and Vision:  Take a moment to review our Mission and Vision statements.  These statements will share insights into our company-wide commitment: providing the best in behavioral health and residential services.
Accreditations, Licenses, and Affiliations:  We utilize external monitoring agencies and peers in the behavioral health field in order to ensure the highest standards of ethical care.  
Team:  We take pride in providing service to others and hope to give you an idea of who you will meet when participating in our services.
Service Model:  Please review the basis of our day-to-day work at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery.  What are our shared beliefs?  How do we help others?  You’ll be able to identify how we conduct our services and develop a fuller understanding of our philosophy of care.  
  For over 30 years, New Vitae Wellness and Recovery has been responding to the needs of individuals, families, veterans, and young adults.  View our timeline to see the progression of our services and share in some of our most meaningful historical events.
Using the lens of the Recovery Model, our array of services create a personalized version of residential and behavioral health supports that change based on your own or your loved one’s needs.  Our responsive and qualified staff is always available to promote and maintain lasting and positive change.  Click here to download the New Vitae Wellness and Recovery brochure.

“The purpose of the Quakertown House is to help individuals live as independently as possible.”

- Liz L. (resident)