Tantrell Hunt, BS, CBIS

Prior to starting her work at New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, Tantrell held a number of roles that showed her dedication to service to others, including her work as an elementary school teacher and as director of a partial hospital program.  She has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Virginia State University, where she also enjoyed being a student athlete.  Tantrell served in the role of Young Adult Assistant Director in New Vitae’s Quakertown community for approximately eight years.  More recently, she has accepted a new role as Brain Injury Administrator.  Away from the office, Tantrell is engaged in various service projects in her township. She is an avid dog lover and has contributed in placement efforts.  Additionally, she has successfully managed a children’s recycle and clothing project for several years.  Tantrell also enjoys spending time with her family, thrifting, and reading.

“As parents, we are thankful and appreciative that our son is in Mt. Trexler Manor; it is safe, meets his needs, and is responsive and sensitive to any needs he might have.  We are always involved in any decisions, and the staff responds to any requests in a timely manner.”

- Robert and Lucille H. (parents)