Peer Support Services

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is happy to offer Peer Support as another service for individuals seeking customized supports.  Peer support professionals utilize their own life experiences to facilitate planning and navigation in other individuals' recovery journeys.  Peer supports can be especially helpful in a variety of situations, including, but not limited to:

  • Utilizing community linkages and supports
  • Developing personalized recovery plans
  • Acclimating to a new recovery group
  • Learning and applying coping/wellness skills
  • Using assertive communication skills and safe boundaries when interacting with others
  • Acquiring symptom management skills
  • Discovering and using skills to grown independence
  • Following a health and wellness plan

Peer support encourages individuals to take a leadership role in guiding their recovery and selecting supports.  These professionals embody and share the core recovery principle of hope to assist individuals with actively engaging in their recovery process.  Peer supports can also be helpful with renewing motivation for change and assisting with reducing roadblocks and challenges throughout the journey of recovery.

Peer support professionals can provide either group- or individual sessions, using the lens of their own recovery to offer support and perspective to the individuals' experiences.  These services can be provided in an office or in the community where an individual lives in order to provide "real world, real time" assistance.

Peer Support Services can be included into a variety of individualized bundled service packages.  Contact our admissions department for additional information on peers supporting peers!

"I had Major Depression, anxiety, (and) PTSD.  Through deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment, the support of my wife, and the care from New Vitae Wellness and Recovery Center staff, I got my life back."

- Mike D. (deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation user)