How We Are Different

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is committed to supporting individuals and their families in selecting effective and hopeful behavioral health and co-occurring services.  While there are several outstanding and caring mental health treatment providers, we wish to highlight the unique opportunities associated with choosing New Vitae for your recovery supports.

  • New Vitae Wellness and Recovery integrates behavioral health and/or addiction services with residential options to deliver individualized, compassionate care.  We gladly support individuals who have had difficulties finding success at other providers.
  • We have a continuum of residential options, including residential group homes, that permit growth as members achieve greater independence.  Each residential site has a variety of room options that permits further customization.
  • We support and utilize the Recovery Model to emphasize hope and encourage self-directed services.  We strive to ensure strength-based care in order to apply individuals’ strengths to navigate challenges.  
  • We provide trauma-informed care choices.  We understand the possible responses to trauma and want to work with each person through their personal experiences to recover and find a healthier future.
  • We value and encourage the support and feedback of families, peers, and allies and extend opportunities to support loved ones through their recovery journey.
  • We promote holistic care.  We call attention to the connection between mind, body, and spirit and look to support goal achievement of the whole individual.  To this end, our behavioral health services include assistance with physician and specialist appointments in addition to supporting members find faith communities that feel supportive and welcoming. Our residential treatment centers for adults can support a variety of personal goals.
  • We utilize a team approach that includes a variety of individuals with special skills – including, but not limited to registered nurses, case managers, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, licensed and certified addictions counselors, and individual and group therapists – who can guide members and help to discover personalized versions of success and wellness.
  • We incorporate educational and vocational supports within our continuum of care in order to assist with preparation, acquisition, and maintaining a job or volunteer position.
  • We help members to utilize community supports as desired for varied supportive opportunities.  Examples have included therapeutic horseback riding, acupuncture, 12-Step Meetings, PFLAG, dance lessons, using the YMCA, and local cultural events.  We want to individualize your experiences and provide meaningful connections throughout our community.  These connections are shown to promote wellness and recovery.
  • Our clinical team utilizes a variety of evidence-based practices that have resulted in personal growth and successes.
  • We are consistently searching for development opportunities and utilize surveyor, family, and member feedback as a means to grow our services and supports.
  • We want to eliminate the social stigma that can be associated with behavioral health diagnoses.  To this end, we actively plan and provide free educational opportunities to increase public awareness and humanize the face of behavioral health care.  We also participate in community efforts to stop the impact of stigmatization.

We live our mission and vision statements and invite you to see how we can match your strengths, goals, and preferences with our service options.   Please contact our admissions department to determine next steps in your process of recovery.  We welcome your visit to learn more about our community and to see our supports in action!

“Mt. Trexler Manor has helped me more than any other place.  I have a great doctor at New Vitae.”

- John B. (resident)